Blurring The Line Between Design And Front-end Development

Website Design And Front-end Development

The impact of revolutionary web design techniques and tools in the last few years have literally made us think “Do we really need two people doing Design & Development?” Have the lines blurred and the very difference of Designing to Development diminishing?


In the past when someone discussed development it usually referred to the backend, but in recent years there has been a real need to differentiate between designers that worked strictly in Photoshop and those that could code HTML and CSS. It went even further when designers crossed the lines to working with JavaScript and jQuery

Yes; it obviously has blurred the lines, though for a very simple or average website just to have their presence felt over the web or even a start up with a viable product line it can be done by using reusable components and frameworks like Bootstrap and themes from theme forest. Same is it with WordPress; many web professionals that are just getting into the field may have heard a lot of people talking about WordPress. WordPress is a good example of the frontend and backend working together because WordPress is an open-sourced framework built on PHP that you have to install on your server with a database. Designers then customize the look and functionality of WordPress sites using CSS, Jquery and JavaScript

But what if you are creating an awesome looking website with an appealing UI and redefining the User Experience, you’d just need more than front-end programming skills. This would require a great designer who understands the user, has innovative ideas, graphics and aesthetics sense and lot more.

The amount of JavaScript on the frontend has been increasing since the dawn of AJAX, the frontend developers are required to pick that up, too.You can be a designer and developer at the same time. More people are beginning to label themselves in this way and it is becoming an in-demand skill-set. Design and development are converging for a number of people and even for designers who never considered learning development and vice versa. The ideal situation is both designers and developers walk few steps towards each other and have a basic understanding of respective domains so that they can collaborate well and create magic and not try to be a jack of both and good at none.

You can be both a designer and developer. You will probably always be better at one, but your goal should be to have some aptitude in each.

No matter what and how the designers or the developers be classified today but we indeed see that the lines are fading out between the two and may be one day we’d call someone with both the skill sets a ‘Devigner’


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