Top 10 PHP Frameworks You Can Choose for Your Website

Creating a website is not just building a pile of code to make things function correctly. It is about how efficient is the code and identifying the factors which can reduce the life cycle of developing a website and yet create awesome and fascinating features for the website.

In other words why waste time in coding when you can enjoy the functionalities provided by a framework? With a framework you can save a lot of time and efforts that you can utilize in working further on your next project. With the framework you can have the foundation upon which you can work along with the pre-built modules where you can perform the tedious tasks of coding. PHP’s popularity is due to the vivid range of frameworks available to choose from.

We have presented the best 10 PHP Frameworks for you to choose from, for your upcoming project.


codeigniter development company indiaCodeIgniter designed by EllisLab has been known widely for is speed and small footprint. It is one of the most favorite among developers across the globe. Also there is a huge community of users that can assist you at any point of time.


CakePHP Development Company IndiaAnother widely known Framework amongst coders of all level of skills. This is based on the principle of Ruby on Rails, and it is strongly focused on the aggressive development techniques which makes it a great option for the developers all over.


Grew from the groupware suite and Horde webmail this is one of the majorly accepted PHP frameworks all over. This is localization-friendly framework helping developers speaking languages other than English.


Another framework based on Ruby on Rails but completely dedicated on making the database-backed web applications that are based on MVC structure. For this framework one can easily find a healthy developer community along with demos and screenshots.


Being a division of Qcodo framework which had been latent since some time but now it has returned with Qcubed and has its complete focus on the quick prototyping. There are several fun tutorials on its website with a completely new set of enthusiast developers.


Earlier it was more focused towards the enterprise application development and also had some issues with the shared hosting solutions, reason being the lack of a PHP accelerator. But, this is something very new and much advanced form of developer framework in compare to some of the leading ones in the current time.


Based on the CodeIgniter, Kohana is focused on being small yet fast and much secure frameworks.An elegant HMVC PHP5 framework that provides a rich set of components for building web applications.


Yii Development Company IndiaYii Means Yes It Is! Yii is suitable for any scale of website application starting from a small catalogue website to a highly complex and feature-rich website. Yii is the best performer with highest amount of load on the website and has been fantastic framework to get things done faster and more efficient.


This is one of the simplest frameworks giving opportunities for the beginners and giving scope to the advanced users as well to work with ease. With the simple usage of PEAR modules, prototype Ajax framework and the heaps of documentation are some of the highlights of the framework.


Web Application Component Toolkit also known as WACT, it focuses on the requirement of code refactoring, high level of security and unit testing.


4 thoughts on “Top 10 PHP Frameworks You Can Choose for Your Website

    • Hi John,

      We have not included Lavarel in the list is majorly because of two reasons:

      1. Lavarel is not for anyone and everyone. Its a little more complex platform which needs a little more understanding of PHP then any of the above.

      2. Lavarel is fairly new and has been very promising, but since we haven’t worked on Lavarel, we can’t really comment on it.

      Thank You for dropping your comments!


      • You might have wanted to call it 10 Easy-to-User Frameworks then. You’re missing Zend, which is certainly not easy, Phalcon, fast but not easy, and Laravel, as mentioned. These three make up nearly half of the votes in the SitePoint poll a year ago.
        Yes, I know this is your article, but you DO call it the 10 best. I guess I was surprised at some of your choices and then went back to realize you never define “best”.
        I guess that makes it a good article, since I read it, but….


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